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What is com.dti.folderlauncher? Full details

Today, the smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. In an average, an Android user tends to download more than fifty apps in his/her phone. On top of that, a user finds several Android OS apps and other system apps that remain pre-installed in one’s phone ever since it’s purchase. This is when you might need to know about com.dti.folderlauncher!

The com.dti.folderlauncher is basically a system app that will allow you to organize all these apps in separate folders displayed right on the home screen. As a result, it will not just help the users to discover the apps easily, but at the same time, it will let you frt rid of all the unnecessary clutter in your phone, and make sure that the efficiency remains up.
If you are wondering about how does com.dti.folderlauncher and other details related to it, you are here at the right place! Read on…

What is com.dti.folderlauncher?

Apps available in your home are usually organized by default. However, com.dti.folderlauncher makes sure that you can easily make collections of these apps segregated in multiple folders. Therefore, the moment you open an app in your device, com.dti.folderlauncher will be running in its background. You may choose to drag and drop the apps in different folders, so that you can easily choose to rename and customize them according to your own requirements.

How to work with com.dti.folderlauncher?

As a user, you will just need to tap and hold an application on the home screen of your device.

Now, you will have to drag an app over another to create a grouping, and segregate them together in a different folder.

Likewise, you may add several apps into that very same folder to organize them better!

Merits of using com.dti.folderlauncher:

Com.dti.folderlauncher comes with numerous benefits and they are as follows:

Organize your home screen:
No doubt, this is one of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of com.dti.folderlauncher. It will allow you to organize the apps by creating various folders on the niche and variety of the apps. As a result, you can prevent your device to turn out as a mess, and things will be handy and readily available to you in just no time.

Use your screen space efficiently:

You can now lower the clutter that is otherwise too common if you have too many apps here and there, all scattered on your device ‘s main screen. By grouping two or more apps in a folder, you know where can you look for one, when you want to access it.

Create your own customisation:

Based on the genre of the apps, you can create folders, as well as, choose to name them as per your own wish so that it becomes easier for you to remember where you have kept an app. You can name the groups as games, work, entertainment, and so on.

Easy accessibility:

Since you have already created folders and sorted out the apps, you will no more have to scroll through the lists of apps, or multiple screens. A couple of clicks and you will be able to land up on the app you were looking for!

How can you troubleshoot problems with your com.dti.folderlauncher?

Here are a couple of procedures that you can follow to fix your problems with com.dti.folderlauncher:

Restart your device: In case your com.dti.folderlauncher is not working, and you are not able to understand the real trouble behind it, you should consider to restart your phone. Well, prevent yourself from turning on and off the device manually, rather you should press the power button and allow it to turn on automatically after it is done with the booting.

Remove all background apps: Many a time, the presence of background apps create unknown problems. Therefore, it is recommended to clear them as they are consuming more device resources.

Clear Android cache: This is one of the major ways which tend to solve a lot of issues. Simply go to Settings > Storage > Click on Cached Data > Confirm, and it will clear all the cache.

Disable the com.dti.folderlauncher: Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > All Apps > click on com.dti.folderlauncher > Disable and it might resolve your issue.

Get in touch with the Support team: Last but not the least, if you are still not able to solve the issue, the best thing that you can possibly do is to connect with the Support team. Keep a screenshot or a video, and they shall get back to you with the way to fix the problem.

Common FAQs related to com.dti.folderlauncher

Is com.dti.folderlauncher safe to use?

Yes, com.dti.folderlauncher is absolutely safe to use and will cause no harm to your device. So far, com.dti.folderlauncher has caused no harm related to privacy issues and security threats to anyone.

Can you expect com.dti.folderlauncher pre-installed in your Android device?

Well, com.dti.folderlauncher is now available in almost all Android devices, and only some of the specific Android manufacturers used to have it factory installed.

How can you use com.dti.folderlauncher?

To create a folder with com.dti.folderlauncher, you may tap and hold the apps and drag into another. Similarly, you can group multiple apps together and preserve them in a folder.

Is it possible to uninstall com.dti.folderlauncher?

If you wish to uninstall com.dti.folderlauncher, you will need to have some specific skills such as ADB. However, make sure that you are having enough knowledge about using it else you might end up causing damage to your phone for just no reason.

Will I be able to delete factory installed applications?

Yes, you may choose to delete bloatware or any factory installed apps by either using ADB or an app remover provided that your device is rooted.

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