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Best Alternatives Apps of Tiktok 2021 – Made in India

Best atiktok alternative

Tiktok alternative

Missing tiktok? Well maybe some of you missing it’s video content but don’t worry after reading this article you will find some similar apps to tiktok so here i am going to share 10 best apps like tiktok – made in india you can also called this best Alternative apps like tiktok.

As you all know recently india banned tiktok and 58 others chinece application for our safery reason. And i must say it’s good disicion taken by our government and we must support our india.

Tikok become one of the most famous application in india and other one is brazil but as i already said tiktok is a chinese app, it collecting our data which can create a big problem for all of us.

So we must have to do is just unstall this app from your device right now and download any similar app like tiktok from the list above and support our india slogan. I am preety sure you will definitely loved these alternative apps like tiktok

After a little research i have found some good video sharing apps where you can upload video content just like tiktok, there also having option for duet, lip-sync, sharing and many more features which will help you to forget tiktok.

Here is the list of sinilar apps like tiktok – made in india

  • Roposo
  • Snack Video
  • Dubsmash
  • Chingari
  • Moo
  • Mitron
  • Likee Lite
  • Tna Tan
  • Jalwa
  • Sharechat

If you talk about features then each app having some unique and amazing features just like TikTok but these all apps is indian so feel free to download. Details about All the Apps:

1. Roposo – Made in India

Roposo - apps like tiktok

Roposo app

Roposo is India’s one of oldest video creation and sharing app. Made in India, for India. Where you can Create your own short video by using many songs and dialoage. This app is the best alternative apps of tiktok, where everything is very smooth just like tiktok. Only problem is that it has adsense which is little irritating. Features of Roposo app:

  • Create your own video with lip-sync
  • Make duet video with anyone.
  • Lot’s of song, music and dialouge available.
  • Support all types languages like hindi, bengali, english
  • One of the oldest app in india
  • Like, Comment, Share option available
  • Filter like tiktok also available

Download Roposo for short video creation and easy photo editing using video filters, GIF stickers & effects which help you create videos in slow-mo, time-lapse, portraits with natural light, studio light, contour light, stage & stage mono light. Add filters get, creative with your posts! Download Roposo Edit videos, photos, images & add trending stickers & filters to make your videos/photos trending! Share these videos on WhatsApp & Whatsapp status using perfect hashtags. Follow likes & views increase instantly!

2. Snack Video – Apps like Tiktok

Snack video - alternative apps like tiktok

Snack video

Here is anothr latest video app launched which named as Snack Video. With the help of this app you can make short funny videos easily just like tiktok You can find the most exciting, funny, magic videos on Snack Video. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. Explore videos, just one scroll away Watch all types of funny videos, including prank, comedy, entertainment, news, pets, games etc. Just scroll away and find what you like. Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. Download Snack Video App Snack Video offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

3. Dubsmash – Tiktok Alternative

"<yoastmark This app has the world’s largest selection of quotes from your favorite movies, TV shows and from around internet. Make fun lip sync videos and memes with your favorite quotes and entertain your friends! Download Dubsmash App Find a quote, create a lip sync Dub or meme, then share it with friends!

4. Chingari – Apps Like Tiktok

Chingari apps like tiktok

Chingari similar apps of tiktok

Chingari Bharat ka best app – made in India where more than 2 active users sharing their video with friends and family. This app comes in 4 position in the list of best apps like tiktok – made in india In Chingari, you will find many AMAZING Videos like:

  • Trending news
  • Entertainment news
  • Funny videos
  • Video Songs
  • Wishes
  • Love quotes
  • Status Videos
  • Good mornin, Good night Shayaris
  • Clips
  • Memes

Download Chingari App So far, 5,00,000+ creators are creating entertaining content using our platform everyday

5. Moo – Apps Like Tiktok

Moo app is a list of top viral video and funny clip Funny & viral indian video for socia media that you can make the most out of. Whatever you are interested in, you’ll fnd interesting viral videos on these amazing viral video sharing and publishing sites on the Internet. We all know that laughter is good medicine. We adore amusing and act humorously to make other people laugh out loud. Download Moo App People searching for some funniest video on the internet. So moo have a selected collection of the best humorous and lol status for WhatsApp and Facebook.

6. Mitron – Indian Tiktok

Mitron is a free Short Video and Social Platform based out of Bengaluru, India. This app designed for people to show their talent through videos inline with mitron app. Download Mitron App Mitron provides an easy and seamless interface for users to create, edit and share their videos, and at the same time browse through a library of top videos across the globe.

7. Likee Lite – Magic Video Maker

Likee Lite (formerly LIKE Lite) is a popular global original video platform. This app is the small version of Likee, and just like its predecessor, it is packed with a vast collection of Funny and Magic videos. Download Likee It is also a place where tens of millions of internet sensations and trending stars gather from around the world, making it history’s most compact magic video community for youngsters across the globe that has so many magic effect.

8. Tna Tan – Made in India

Tna-tan best tiktok alternative Tna Tan is a Short Video sharing Platform where anyone can share and watch videos. It’s made in India App. We have lots of videos to entertain you. Now make your profile and be a star of your own. It have numerous functionality for you where you can convert your imagination into videos and earn money. Main Features of Tna Tan:

  • Create Videos with lots of cool filters
  • Watch Lot’s of videos and share with others
  • Add your favorite music to your video and show your creativity
  • Watch any types of video
  • Comment on videos and share your feelings with others
  • Chat with friends and make your new friends and show your creativity to others
  • Make your profile and be a celebrity or become a star

Download TnaTan app

9. Jalwa – Indian Video App

Jalwa is a world wide app. It is a video sharing social networking services. This app is used to create lip- concert, short dance, comedy and talented video which often feature music in the background, can be speed up, slowed down or edited with a filter. Features of Jalwa App-

  • Create different music videos through this app
  • Make duet video with anyone you wish
  • Lip sync with your song
  • Many types of background music available
  • Get best filter for making 10-15 sec short video
  • You can filtets, videos, hashtag and sound

Download Jalwa App These videos are visible only to the users on their profile allowing them to refer back to any hashtag , video, filter or sound they’ve previously saved.

10. Sharechat – Apps Like TikTok

Sharechat one of the best app where you can find many types of short funny, sad and romanic videos with song. Most of the users loved this app to share or update status in whatsapp, facebook or instagram. You can call this app as ‘Content King’ i personally use this app too. Features of ShareChat app

  • Download or Share any types of video available on the app.
  • All types of videos available
  • Create short video with your favorite song or diolague.
  • Become famouse by showing your talent in internet
  •  Repost the kmages or videos that you like. • Make Whatsapp Sticker from any image
  • All types of language available
  • Religious and ​devotional Songs​ also available like​ ​bhajans

Download Sharechat App What more you need? This app will be your daily used app just like tiktok. Trust me just use it fot one time and see. You will definitely find what you loved.

Final Words

So guys this is the top 10 best alternative apps like tiktok – made in india, you can use these apps to enjoy your dailylife with lots of fun. If you still want to use tiktok only then you can my previews article How to use tiktok after ban I Hope you got a best app from the list of Similar Apps Like Tiktok – Made in India. Do share it with you friends family and give them alternative of tiktok

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