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Bengali Director Raj Chakraborty Phone Number, Contact Details Email ID, Address

Presenting here the tollywood Director Raj Chakraborty Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Producing House Address Email Address and Personal Info here is everything that you need to know including his own home address about your favourite director Raj Da so let’s get started

Raj Chakraborty Phone Number

Raj Chakraborty Phone Number

Most of People are searching contact details of Tollywood Director Raj Chakraborty around various online platforms. In this article we are providing you Raj Chakraborty Phone Number, Whatsapp Number house address, contact number, email ID, official facebook fan page, twitter account with reference of the reliable sources. It will help you to contact with his officials easily.

Raj Chakraborty Full Details Including Mobile Number, Whatsapp Number, Production House Address

Raj Chakraborty one of the most successful filmmakers in Tollywood. He is also currently the most profitable director in Tollywood. Before directing his debut film, he was busy in Bengali TV, Zee Bangla‘s famous laughter show Mirakkel and the dance program Dance Bangla Dance  Now he is busy in directing Star Jalsha‘s laughter program I Laugh Youassisting mega serial-maker Arindam Dey.

Raj  went solo with the telefilm Noder Chaand after assisting Dey for a couple of years. He has made 18 telefilms since. Raj’s biggest small screen venture was with the hit comedy show Mirakkel that airs on Zee Bangla.

Recently Raj Chakraborty got married with Subhashree Ganguly tollywood actress and he is enjoying his married life with his wife. Here is a picture for all of you

Raj Chakraborty Married Picture With Subhashree Ganguly

Raj Chakraborty Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Contact Details, House Address

Now come the main, what is the phone number of tollywood director raj chakraborty, so read this post till end to get his phone number

  • Name: Raj Chakraborty
  • House Address: Kolkata
  • Phone Number: 8910845313
  • Whatsapp Number: 8910845313

Please note: this is note its official number of Raj Chakraborty so don’t call him. He is a busy person but if you want to talk some regarding any seriously matter then only text him on whatsapp (Do not call)

Updated Aprli 2018- We have removed the official phone number of Raj Chakraborty because people calling him and messaging a lot but he doesn’r have time to reply each and every person so we removed

If you call Raj Chakraborty might change his number again so better to use Whatsapp.

Raj Chakraborty Social Profile Link, Official Facebook Page

You can also contact with him through social networking site like Facebook, Twitter etc so. For i am sharing his Facebook Page and twitter account with all of Raj fans

Raj Chakraborty Phone Number


  • Facebook Page: @iamrajchoco
  • Twitter Account: @iamrajchoco
  • Official Gmail: N/A
  • Website: N/A
  • Facebook Account: None

Please note: Raj Chakraborty does not have any official facebook account so beaware of fake facebook profile. There are lot’s of fake profile has been created by the name of Raj Chakraborty but there is no one real. Only the facebook page is official

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and it’s helped a lot for Raj Fan’s who want to contact with bengali film director Raj Chakraborty, just use whatsapp or facebook page to contact with him for better reply!

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