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Download GB Instagram APK for Android and iOs

Introducing another instagram app with some amazing features which named as ‘GB Instagram‘ (GBInsta) with this app you can enjoy some advance feature. So here you can Download GB Instagram APK for Android and IOS

Download gb instagram apk latest version

You all know about GB Whatsapp but you heard about GB Instagtam first time. Am i right? Well this app recently created by some developer with adding some cool feature and everyone who love to share photos, videos in instagram they will loved this app definitely.

Instagram one of the most popular image, video and story sharing platform where we can follow our friends family and celebrities. We can see each and moment when they upload a new image or video but one of the sad part is that we can not download any video or image directly from instagram, only way to take screenshot.

About GB Instagram

GBInsta same as Ingragram which us most popular app in the world, but in Instagram official app doesn’t allow its users to download any image, video or they also not allow to copy any status or story but GB Instagram added these feature and others some interesting features included for this reason you will surely loved this app.

The same developer of GB Whatsapp worked with Osama Ghareeb from long time and finally made GB Instagram which named as GBInsta. You can install this app in your phone and enjoy dual instagram app in same device.

As you know about GB Whatsapp which let users to change theme and you can customize your whatsapp with help of it, the same developer also added theme feature in GB Instagram so now you can customize your instagram account with help of GBInsta

Features of GB Instagram (GBInsta)

It has so many features but here i will add few of them which has been highlighted for using this app. I will definitely told you if you love customizing then this app is best than official instagram. Lets have a look its amazing features which make you feel in love.

  • Customize Theme – Make looks awesome of your instagram by changing theme.
  • Download any Photo or Video Directly without help of any third party application.
  • You can Copy any Status or Comment from GB Instagram without any issue.
  • Use two Ingragram app with help of GBInsta without any issue.
  • Zoom any image or video from GB Instagram.
  • Watch stories of anyone without getting notified.
  • Download or Copy anyone stories easily.

So guys these all features has been highlighted because you will not get above same feature in official instagram application so the develover of GBInsta has been added these feature so that people can get some useful feature for using GBInsta instead of using Official Instagram.

Not just only above there are so many features you will get but i have added only few of them. If you want to know others features then after installing of GBInst read there latest updated features in app.

If you also have a twitter app in your phone installed then it will not like to increase your followers in instagram but with help of GBInsta you can able to see who is following you and who is not which is one of the best feature in this app which i liked.

Download GB Instagram (GBInsta) MOD APK

To download GBInsta in your device is very easy and simple and you don’t need to Root your phone. It will work on any android device as of now GBInsta available for android users only, however the developer maybe launch for iPhone users in future.

Even you don’t need unstall official instagram app, you can use GB Instagram and Official Instagram app at the same time and same device without any problem and it will not ban your account. See latest updated version features.

  • New Base Updated to
  • You can Hide View Status (GBSettings – Privacy) (Don’t Show Your Name even If you View Someone’s Story)
  • Added Option to Disable Slide Navigation (Mod 7.2)
  • With GBInsta you can Comment from Home Screen
  • Added Possibility to Follow/Unfollow without Open Profile (Click on 3 Dots of the Post and click Follow or Unfollow)
  • New Option to Color Add Comment in Home Screen (Mod
  • Added Option to Color Add Comment Background in Home Screen (Mod
  • Added Option to Color Post Comment Text in Home Screen (Mod
  • Profile Picture Zoom/Blur has been improved.
  • Fixed Error 150 when Downloading Themes
  • Fixed White Line Showing on Comments Screen above Text Entry
  • Theme Issue when Open Post from Notifications Tab has been fixed
  • Fixed Recent Stories on Home Feed Tab
  • Many More Fixes

Many others features will be add soon so if you haven’t installed GBInsta in your phone yet then do not wait anymore becaude you will miss a lot of features as i told you already so lets see process of installing this app.

How Download & Install GBInsta APK in Your Phone

First of all download this GBInsta APK from the link given below

WB Instagram download

After downloading install it in your phone, before installing you may get ‘Unkown Source’ error

GBInsta or GB Instagram Settings

To fix this problem just open settings and tik on unknowm souces option then come back

Gb Instagram Installing

Once you do this then click on Install option and it will be installed in your phone.

After installing open the app and you will get Login and sign up option same as instagram

If you want to use your old account then login or else sign up a new account with Facebook or Email as you wish.

That’s all. So you have successfully installed GB Instagram (GBInsta) APK in your device. Now you can enjoy some amazing feature like never seen before.

The process of using GBInsta is same as official Instagram app but with it you can download images and videos from anyone and share them anywhere you want.

Why You Should Use GB Instagram App

Many reason available but i just share my own opinion for what cause you should use GBInsta app instead of Official Instagram app. Lets have a look them

  • Official Instagram app doesn’t have some features which have in GB Instagram
  • You can easily download any image or videos from GB Instagram app
  • Customize home page by using s customize theme.
  • Change front color, size looks and many more you can do.
  • Copy story from anyone status without help of third-party app.
  • Use two instagram app in one device without any problem.

Do you need any others feature should be add in GB Instagram (GBInsta) then do let us know in the comment section below and wait to see if that feature will be come in future.

Checkout all intersecting features of GB Instagram

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Do you guys use Instagram? If you used then which app you are going to use after reading this article, is GB Instagram good or bad what is your opinion write in comment sectiom. I hope you got understant about how to download GB Instagram APK (GBInsta).

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