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Top 20 Delta Sigma Theta Interview Questions And Answers

If you are a newbie and do not know where to start, here are the top 20 Delta Sigma Theta interview questions:

Top 20 delta theta Sigma Interview Questions Answers

If you are appearing for Delta Sigma Theta interview, the first and foremost thing that you must keep in mind is to be honest with your own self. It is extremely crucial to understand that you will have to be transparent at the time of sitting for the interview round. Rest, all shall fall into their places!

Top 20 Delta Sigma Theta Interview Questions & Answers:

These questions will improve your mind. Highly chance you will get selected if you read theses questions and answers properly.

1. How should you keep your spirit while appearing for the Delta Sigma Theta?

Remember that applying for the Delta Sigma Theta is quite similar to that of appearing for any other job interview. All you need to keep in mind is to behave like a professional, and make sure that you are able to speak about your strengths and weaknesses when asked. Also, ensure that you are confident enough while you face the interview!

When was Delta Sigma Theta founded? When was it incorporated?

The Delta Sigma Theta was founded in January 13, 1913 and it was incorporated back in 1930.

Mention 5 founders of the Delta Sigma Theta.
The five founders of the Delta Sigma Theta are as follows:

1. Osceola Macarthy Adams
2. Marguerite Young Alexander
3. Winona Cargile Alexander
4. Ethel Cuff Black
5. Bertha Pitts Campbell

What is the motto of the DST?
The motto of DST is: “Intelligence is the torch of Wisdom.”

What does the Elephant represent?
The Elephant symbolises strength and determination, both of which are meant to achieve success and reach to one’s fullest potential.

Mention the 4 vital components of sisterhood.
The main 4 vital components of sisterhood are love, honesty, dedication and trust. The major aim of this community is to demonstrate a sense of belongingness in each and every girl or woman in the community.

How will you continue your involvement and commitment to the African-American community post your college days?
Post graduation, I shall be active on social media and try to raise awareness through retweeting and reposting on various platforms, thereby attempting to stand beside the Black community in every manner possible. Indeed, it is an amazing method to inspire young minds as well as demonstrate my awareness to support the community.

What does “success” mean to you?

To me, being successful is all about achieving my personal goals, as well as, ensuring that I’m able to drive my team members to accomplish their desires and dreams. Practical goals is all about paving our own ways to improvement and that’s very much essential to gain the success of our company as a whole.

What does DST aim at?

The basic aim of the DST is based on sisterhood, community service and educating women through scholarships.

What is the mission statement of Delta Sigma Theta?

Delta Sigma Theta is basically an organization comprising of several college educated women, focussing on the overall development of each one of its members. Also, they would highlight the provision of public service with a notable concern on the Black community.

Specify the first public act founded by the DST Founders.

The first public act founded by the DST Founders was the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington D.C., March 1913.

Why do you want to join Delta Sigma Theta Inc?

Although there is no thumb rule to answer this question, you can still say your own reason to associate with the community of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. You may talk about the pool of service oriented women present there, and all that you like about them! In case you have attended any of their events prior, you may also choose to speak about the same! Bring up the topic of their objectives, and how they have been working to achieve the excellence and values through their works.

Are you familiar with Delta Sigma Theta’s 5 Point Programmatic Thrust?

Doing a bit of research about this is not a bad idea though! The African American sorority Delta Sigma Theta was founded in the year 1913 at the Howard University. This 5 Point Programmatic thrust is economical, and the main aim is to increase the quality of lives of the African American individuals and such communities for the better!

To illustrate specifically, mention the ones listed below:

1. Economic Development
2. Educational Development
3. International Awareness and Involvement
4. Physical Awareness and Mental Health
5. Political Awareness and Involvement to create its national progress

How do you contribute towards improving your community?

You may choose to talk about how you have been encouraging your juniors back in your college from where you have pursued your UG or PG degrees. Another amazing idea is to speak about any health center where you might have had served, or offered any kind of mental assistance to several people (youth), or in case you have had worked with any old age homes.

What is your biggest weakness?

A lot of people usually tend to talk about a positive trait while they are questioned on their weakness! However, the best idea is to talk about a real weakness so that it appears to be genuine to your interviewer.

What changes will you bring to Delta Sigma Theta if you are selected?

This is the perfect ground where you should showcase your strengths and talk about your skills. Speak about your leadership skills, time management and all the best qualities that you own! Also, you may speak about your test scores, or if you have helped your juniors in improving them for better, and how you have managed the critical dates earlier! It is essential to convince your interviewers that you have done good prior, and with all the skills you have, you can bring more such improvements into the Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

What are the time commitment you have got the organisation?

Although you will have your own commitment such as your school or your part time job, discuss about your availability upfront. Ensure that you aren’t giving them any false hopes just for the sake of saying, but rather, you must genuine enough in sharing your involvement and participation in the event.

What does the triangle represent in the Delta Sigma Theta?

The triangle symbol in Delta Sigma Theta is the Greek letter `delta`. In mathematical terms, it means, `change.’ On the other hand, Sigma means to ‘sum up.’ However, theta has got a couple of meanings. It typically refers to voiceless. Putting all these together, it depicts positive change for the ones with no voice.

What does the ‘gold’ symbolises in the Delta Sigma Theta?

The ‘gold’ in the Delta Sigma Theta typically represents the bond with the Omega organisation.

How do you motivate yourself in stressful situations?

I believe in taking up challenges as that is the best way to evaluate our own potential and thus, find the gaps where we need to start working even more effectively. At times, when I feel pressurized, I start to count my end goal as the most astounding incentive I could ever think of! Also, I would take a step back and start reviewing my objectives so that I can boost up myself with a doze of energy and rejuvenate all the optimism and positivity I have within me!

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