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How to Create NFT for free A to Z Full Guide

NFT, or the Non-Fungible Tokens, are everywhere now. You can hear it from almost everyone’s mouth. You see it on nearly every possible social platform. NFTs have become a constant headline as of now and hence have been a cultural phenomenon since 2021.

Create NFT for Free

The news of content creators reaping off huge profits out of it has made even the ordinary folks filled with curiosity. Such benefits have encouraged people around the globe to try their luck on NFTs. However, even with so many suggestions and guidance from influential individuals, people still wonder, and the biggest question out of all is “how to create NFT for free?”.

If you are one of those folks interested in the concept of NFTs, you know that creating NFT on any available platform is not for free. But as normal human beings, when we start something entirely new, we do not want to spend much on it. The same is the thought process of many when related to NFTs. Since NFTs have shaken the virtual marketplace worldwide, you will find helpful information and guidance on how to create NFTS for free.

Before we start with the complex part of NFTs, let us first understand what is NFT.

What is NFT?

NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is an ownership trademark over a particular asset. By asset, here we are talking about digital assets. Similar to other crypto coins, NFT minting also means ownership through blockchain. You create your NFT on a blockchain.

Perhaps, you might think about what stuff can or cannot be an NFT. Fortunately, in the digital space or marketplace, anything that you own or have available for the market can be an NFT. Anything means anything literally, from digital artwork to music albums to even a tweet. But, whatever people have set out as NFTS, the most popular ones are the art collections.

Why art collections? Every single soul around the globe has an affinity for art. While many people love to own aesthetic art pieces, not everyone has a reach for them. But with new blockchain technology, art lovers and art collectors can connect with artists and form a secure transaction in the form of NFT.

Creators on the virtual platform are filled with creative artistic ideas. So, if you are not thinking about creating an NFT for free now, think again.

Anyhow, for the essential part of NFTs, you cannot just create an NFT out of anything. To make your digital asset an NFT, you have to transform it into tokens, also known as NFT minting. To start your hand at NFTs minting and to create, you might also want to own a cryptocurrency wallet. Such crypto-based wallets can be MetaMask or ETH. Mint/create NFTs for free.

For our talk on NFT minting here, we will be focusing on how to create NFT for free using the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

NFT minting begins with finding a suitable NFT marketplace that allows users to create NFT for free. If not free, then at minimal gas fees. You should also prepare a crypto-wallet as you will need them to receive payments and pay fees if your NFT sale is successful. Many platforms specialize in creating and selling NFTs. Here, we will cover the popular NFT trading platform, OpenSea.

Speaking of paying fees, NFT minting sure is free on those NFT marketplaces. But as a blockchain service provider, there is still a minimum service fee charge of 2.5%. This charge is taken out from the selling amount of each listed NFT.

There is also something termed lazy minting or gasless minting. As the name suggests, this minting process does not require the creators to pay extra service fees or any additional costs. Following lazy minting, the NFTs are minted only at the time of purchase.

That being said, from here on, you can find a guide on how to create NFT for free on popular NFT platforms.

How to mint/create NFTs for free via OpenSea.

Step 1: Create a crypto-wallet, say a MetaMask wallet.

The MetaMask wallet is the most popular one when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets. You can also work it out as a browser extension on your PC or other devices. So, if you do not have a crypto-wallet before this, you can visit the MetaMask website and install it from there. But if you do own a MetaMask wallet, you can just import the existing wallet on your device through the secret recovery phase.

Step 2: Launch OpenSea and connect your MetaMask wallet to it.

Now, open the OpenSea marketplace on your device. Go to the top-right section of the page and click on the wallet icon. Then, choose the MetaMask wallet and confirm the wallet connection to the NFT OpenSea platform. When the wallet connection is approved, you can see your profile. You are now all set to mint your first NFT.

Step 3: Create and mint your NFTs on OpenSea for free.

While creating NFT, you have the choice to create a whole NFT collection or just a single NFT. Seeing how art collections NFT are so popular, you should perhaps choose to mint an NFT collection of yours.

To mint your NFT collection, the process is: Go to the top-right section of the page and tap on the Account icon > then, My Collections > click on Create a Collection.

Nonetheless, if you have other interests, the process to create a single Non-Fungible Token is: Go to the top-right menu of the page and tap on Create.

So, you see, the process to create a single NFT or an NFT collection is more or less the same. The only extra step you need to follow for your NFT collection is to add additional details. That is to say, after you create the NFT collection, just add items (digital assets) and select the exact NFT pieces to be minted.

The additional details that you need to provide for each NFT are:

Type of digital artwork like image, audio, video, 3D model, etc.

  • Name of the item.
  • External link of the asset.
  • Description of the NFT.
  • Additional collection, if any.
  • Special properties
  • Supply
  • Unlockable content
  • Blockchain details

It would be best to opt for Polygon blockchain rather than Ethereum because the Polygon network charges relatively lower fees. The overall transaction speed for the NFT is also faster. Moreover, in OpenSea, NFTs minting is free via Polygon blockchain.

After entering all the details listed above, tap on Create, and you are now eligible to mint the first NFT. But remember, just creating an NFT does not mean that the item is listed for sale.

Step 4: List your very first NFT.

NFT listing is straightforward. Go to the top-right of the page and tap on Sell. Then, you should fill up all the details required for the NFT to be listed. After entering all the details, tap on Complete listing. Your NFT is now finally listed and up for sale.

Concerning the service fee charged by OpenSea, it will be deducted from the selling price as and when your NFT is sold.

I hope this will be helpful to you in NFT related concerns.

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