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Amazon Refund Trick Of 2023 – Get Refund without Returning Product 100% Working (Full Guide)

Most of the people want to know Amazon Refund Trick, after few research we have found two way to claim refund easily. in this post i will share everything in detailed about how to get refund from amazon without returning product, let’s get started.

Amazon Refund Trick

You might be seen many message in Whatsapp or Facebook regarding this trick like they will refund any products you bought in earlier but for that, they will ask you to pay to pay 100$ to 200$ which is huge.

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Well, this is a illegal way to make money and it is become risky when you claim lots of refunds to a same account. If amazon detect suspicious activity then your account can be blocked permanently.

Please note before you do this, that it’s totally illegal and in case, if you got caught then you will be arrested by police. Also amazon can register a case against you or your used account

If you are ready to take risk then fine, here is the details about this trick, please do it with your own risk or contact us for refund, we will do this trick for refund of your delivered order at very small cost 60$.

What is Amazon Refund Trick?

As you all know Amazon is a worldwide most popular E-commerce site, where we can shop anything we need, to give importance to it’s valuable customer amazon have refund policy of it’s customers if somehow a buyer was unsatisfied with delivered product.

Amazon Refund Method is a technique to claim refund of any delivered product or services without returning the actual product.

Here you will learn that method and you can use it to get refund of any delivered items. By using this method you can make a lot of money.

USA and UK people already know it and they are making serious money with it. But don’t worry, everyone can do this after reading this article.

Requirements for Refund Trick:

Just like Amazon Carding, you will need to arrange old amazon account with some delivered order, which you easily arrange, if you don’t have, contact us to buy one old amazon account at 50$

1. VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not compulsory here, but it is always useful as amazon can track your Real IP addreas, so, use VPN to hide your IP.

2. Old Amazon Account

Yes! You need to have an old amazon account with some delivered products, so it will increase your success rate, amazon will issues refund by checking your account so always use OLD account.

4. Positive balance in account

You can add little balance on your amazon account, it will increase the rate of success.

5. Mobile or PC

You can use this trick on your mobile or pc as you wish, if you ask about me, of course i use mobile most of the time as it is easy to use. I can not sit all the time in front of my pc. Well it’s totally depends on you, use anything which suitable for you.

Amazon Refund Trick – how to get refund on Amazon without returning the product

First of all you need to have an amazon account with some purchase (for safety always use old account which having 2-3 orders)

Then, after arranging an old amazon account buy an product anything (you can buy mobile or any others item)

Now wait till the product got deliver to you, and once the product will deliver then just call to amazon customer care and tell them that you got a enpty box (today i got delivery, but after opening my box i seen there is nothing in the box, it’s empty so please refund my amount as fast as possible

Boom!! Now they will refund you full amount in your amazon account as gift voucher, and you can use this balance to your next order

How to get refund from amazon without returning product

  1. Arrange an old account or you can Buy account from us
  2. Buy product which you want to buy
  3. Wait till the product got delivered
  4. After deliver, call customer care and claim refund by saying you got empty box

That’s it, it’s very simple guys but remember amazon will refund you also they will start investigation about that product.

This trick will not work anymore so to get latest working trick you have to message me on whatsapp +91-8145125316, and i will tell you this trick, price only 60$ USD for one trick and for 3 cost 120$

New trick work on all countries sites, it works on global site as well as all particular country based site, So feel free to buy it.

I am not sharing new trick here, because if i publish it, then amazon will detect this trick and will block the trick again so you have to contact me for latest trick

Here is what you have to do for safety

  • Keep the item out of your home (as they can trak the phone through imei) or someone might be visit to your home for checking
  • Don’t claim refund more than once from an account, always do this with difference account
  • Don’t tell anyone otherwise you can be caught
  • Do not order too high amount product like iPhone 14 Pro Max, macbook etc (more high costly product might be more high risk)

Guys good news for you if are one of them who looking for refund but he didn’t able to do for security reason then you can claim refund from us. Yes!! This is true buddy. Let me tell you how its possible

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Our team will claim refund for you in a safe way, you just have to provide an amazon account with balance of 200$ (we will take 60$ for our work only) and then let us do our work for you

Why you should choose us for this simple trick?

  • You will receive refund in safe way (our expert will do everything for you)
  • 100% security (no chance to caught as we know safety and security)
  • 100% money back guarantee (in case if we not able to provide refund then only)
  • 27×7 customer support through whatsapp or facebook

Contact Us through our whatsapp number or facebook to claim refund from amazon +91-8145125316

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Buy Latest Amazon Refund Trick

Hey guys i know many of you not getting refund from amazon as they asked ID proof and then investigate so which is really big issue but don’t worry, you can get latest trick at 5000/ 60$ only

The trick will work 100% surely and its safe, no need to provide any proof

You can get refund upto 40k not more than this

Trick trick is totally secret so we can’t publish it openly if you need then you can buy

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Contact us only if you really have interest and don’t share the trick with anyone after buying

Final Words:

This is all about amazon refund trick, its working very well but do this very carefully, let us know if you have any questions regarding this trick

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