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How to Earn Money from Youtube by Uploading Video Full Guide

Youtube is a place where we can catch up unlimited video hosted by google, but guys do you know why peoples are uploading video on youtube just for views or is there any others secret things? Yes there is a secret thing and that is money they are earn lots of money from youtube but how? Today i’ll tell you how you can earn money from youtube by uploading video

Earn money from youtube

Earn money from youtube

It’s not so easy but not so taft also just have to do hard work like you have to create video yourself, you can’t upload any copyrighted video like movies,songs, or any video from youtube. If you do so your channel and adsense account can be banned so you shoud need to create video yourself

If you want to start earning in less time then i suggest you create a team then start making prank video and upload them in youtube you will gone viral at very less time, really i seen nowdays a lots of peoples making money from youtube by making prank video, ok whatever choose is yours.

How to earn money from youtube? Full guide

So in this post i’m going to share steps by steps guide for earn money via youtube let’s see

Steps to earn money from youtube

  1. First of all signup on youtube using you gmai id
  2. Create a youtube channel
  3. Design and customize your channel
  4. Upload some video in your channel
  5. Then, monetize your videos
  6. Link your youtube channel into adsense
  7. That’s it, now you will get money as per videos and click

So this is actually very easy steps but little explain are needed so lets i will tell you with more details

How to create youtube channel

  1. Goto
  2. Signup using your gmail id
  3. Click on create channel
  4. Choose a name of your channel
  5. Now, upload cover pic and customize your channel
  6. That’s it. Your youtube channel are almost ready

How to create best video to get more videos

When we talk about money from youtube, video is the one of the most importent things so create best video which peoples are likes so that you get more views, as you know more views = more money

So guys, here i have added everything that will help you to know about how to make money from youtube, hope you all my all articles if so don’t miss to share it with social so your friends can also know that. keep visiting for more post like this!

Have any others question regarding how to earn money from youtube? Then just comment below, i’ll help you out

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