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How to Use TikTok After Ban in India Latest Trick Of 2021

As you all know TikTok and others 49 app has been banned in india so here we have come up with a trick through which you can use tiktok after ban in india, also you can use others apps as well with this trick.

How to use tiktok after ban in india

Use tiktok after ban india

After jun 30/06/2020 you will not able to download tiktok in app store as well as playstore as tiktok banned your device ID and IP address even after using VPN but i have found a solution for you.

There are many poplular creator and users who still want to use tiktok after ban, so this trick will help you to do so but before i share the trick let me tell you one thing.

Please Note: India has banned TikTok and others 49 chinece apps for security reason so i don’t recommended anyone to download tiktok and use it. However if still you want to use then you can use this method.

How to Use TikTok After Ban in India

After banning tiktiok in india everyone started searching trick to use tiktok in india but still no one find out any solution so we are the first who got the trick and sharing it with all of you.

Many users thought they can easily use tiktok with VPN (Virtual Private Network) but unfortunately it’s not possible because it’s banned by Google OS System, Device ID, IP Address and telecom network too. Which is why this ban become too hard to use.

So now let’s come to the main point how you can easily use it.

The first trick is Use Tiktok with TOR Browser

This is very simple and easy way to use TikTok but TOR will make your net connection very slow as it’s changed yout IP address every secound and you can only see other countries videos.

Here is steps you have to follow:

  • Open playstore
  • Download TOR browser
  • Open and connect it.
  • Open
  • Within few minutes tiktok will be open
  • Now you can watch videos in tiktok.

So this is very easy steps for everyone but as i already told you TOR browser will change your IP address so the video content will be from another country.

Now here i have another option which is work for new device or Root users

This trick actually work with VPN but it only work if you never installed tiktok in your device or you can change your device ID by rooting your Phone

Steps to use TikTok App in India after ban

  • Open playstore and download any vpn
  • Open it and register for a new account
  • Select server location US or any others country (Don’t select INDIA)
  • Now connect it and wait until it’s connected
  • Then playstore again and search TikTok app
  • Download it and open and register for a new account
  • Contgrats now you can able to watch any video content from tiktok

I have tested this trick in my old device as well as new device and i got 100% working result but only problem is there is no more indian content.

Please note this trick may not work for the following reason:

If you ever downloaded tiktok app before banning in india then this trick will not work until you change your device ID (To do so you must have to root your phone)

If you can’t change device ID then just connect vpn and open any browser such as Chrome and open and then you can watch videos from there but you can not use app until you change your device ID

OR you can simply use new device which you never used tiktok before ban in india then simply download tiktok app from playstore with the help of VPN (no others things required for new device)


So guys this is 100% working trick to use tiktok after ban in india which fully tested and verified by me and my team as well. If you found this trick is helpful then share it with your friends who want to use it.

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