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How to Delete or Recall Sent Message on Whatsapp (Official Trick)

Have you sent any wrong message to someone? Now you wanna delete it from his whatsapp so here i am going to share a trick about how to delete sent message on whatsapp or how to delete sent message from whatsapp group so now do not need to worry about message which you sent in past, now you can delete them officially 

How to delete sent message on whatsapp or from whatsapp server

Recently whatsapp introducing some amazing features “delete for everyone” one of them, so here i will share this update in details about how it’s work

How to Delete Sent Message on Whatsapp

To delete a sent message or text you need to update whatsapp to latest version, so if you have already installed latest version whatsapp then follow this process

To delete sent message on whatsapp from server:

  1. Open playstore and update your whatsapp
  2. Open whatsapp and select the text which you want to delete from server
  3. ¬†Now, click on delete option and select “Delete for Everyone” option
  4. That’s it, now the sent message has been deleted from the server

Delete sent message from whatsapp group for everyone

It’s actually easy process, earlier first this feature available for GB Whatsapp users but after few weeks whatsapp officially added this feature for their users

I have also made a video regarding this trick if you wanna more details and proof then checkout this video


How to Delete a Sent Message from Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp having lot’s of group and you maybe a member some of them so if you have sent a message by mistake so all members can read your message, but now you can delete if you want let’s see how

Steps to Delete a Sent Message from Whatsapp Group

  1. First of all update your whatsapp from playstore
  2. Then, open that group from where you want to delete your sent message
  3. Select the message and tap on delete button
  4. Finally click on delete for everyone and its done,
  5. Now the message will be deleted for everyone

So as you can see this method very easy to use, and its officially available for everyone who used latest version whatsapp, if you have any questions then do let me know


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