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How to Activate and Deactivate DND Service in VI Sim Card

Hey friends, do you want stop DND service in VI Sim card? If yes then read this article, here i wil be sharing how to Activate and Deactivate DND Service in VI Sim Card. So let’s get started.

How to Activate DND in VI Sim

Activate DND in VI

If you don’t want to take any kind of Calls and Messages from VI Company or Offer related calls or messages then you must have to activate DND service in order to block those calls and messages.

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In this article you will learn full details of how to Start and Stop DND in VI Sim.

About DND Service

DND full form is Do Not Disturb, this service very useful for many situations such as Working in Office, Playing Games, Doing some important work etc.

If you active DND then you will not received any offer calls and messages which is good and bad as well.

How to Activate or Deactivate DND in VI SIM

DND stands for “Do Not Disturb”, this feature brings us company calls, unwanted calls and messages on mobile. Sometimes Seam Recharge offers new offers and sometimes quizzes and third-party spam messages

In such a situation, with the help of this service you can stop unwanted calls and messages. It is a service operated by the Telegram Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

This DND (Do Not Disturb) service available in every network such as Jio, AirTel, VSNL etc. With the help of this you can easily stop receiving calls and sma of the your sim company.

If you receive unwanted calls, commercial ads or spam messages from VI company or any others 3rd party after activated DND service then you can make a complaint to VI customer support.

Types of DND

DND have multiple option like you can block only those calls which you don’t want or you can block all the calls related offers, jokes, services, etc.

Lots of category calls and messages available in DND service you can choose which you want and which won’t its totally depends on your needs. So let’s see below-

When we are busy or doing some important work, at the same time a call from the SIM network comes or sending you redundant messages and informing you about the new offer

By using DND, you can completely block  calls and SMS related banking / insurance / financial products / credit cards, real estate, education, health, consumer goods and automobiles, products and services / communication / broadcasting / entertainment / IT. Can.

Here is all the types of DND Available for all Sim

1. Full DND: With Full DND (Do Not Disturb) you can stop all the calls and and messages related Offers and all categories. You will not receive any call until your stop Full DND.

2. Partial DND: With Partial DND you can block selected categories calls and messages just like Banking, Recharge Offer, Value Added Services etc

All the category which is linked with DND Services:

  • Banking, Insurance, Credit Cards, Financial Products
  • Real State
  • Education
  • Health
  • Consumer Goods & Automobiles
    Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment, IT
  • Tourism
  • Fully Blocked DND

How to Activate DND in VI Sim?

It is very easy to active DND in your VI Sim by following above process. Here i will post two process first one for blocking all calls and messages and second one for blocking specific calls and messages.

To Start Fully DND in VI Sim Follow Below Steps:

  • Open message app.
  • Write a message from your phone.
  • Type STOP 0 and send it to 1909
  • That’s it, full DND has been activated to your VI Number.

With this process you can easily start fully DND in your VI Sim card but if you want to stop for any specific calls or messages then just write 1 to 8 any numbers instead of Zero.

Here is All The Details of 0 to 8 Numbers

  • 0 (Zero) For blocking all types of Calls and Messages
  • 1 (One) To block spam calls and messages related banking, financial products, insurance, credit cards related
  • 2 Block calls or messages from real state field
  • 3 Block education related calls or messages
  • 4 Block health related calls or messages
  • 5 Stop calls related automobiles consumer good
  • 6 Block calls and messages related to entertainment / IT / broadcasting and communication
  • 7 Block tourism and holidays related calls and messages
  • 8 Block food and beverages related calls and messages

Just use any number for blocking any types of calls or messages and do your work without amy disturbance. If you ever feel you should stop DND then you can do this anytime.

How to Deactivate DND in VI?

If in case you want to take back all the calls or some offer related calls or messages then you can deactivate DND service at anytime by just following a simple steps.

Steps to Deactivate DND Service in VI SIM Card:

  • Write a message from your VI Number
  • Type STOP and Send it to 1909
  • That’s it. DND service will be stopped instantly.

You can also call to 1909 to deactivate DND service but message process is more easy.

You can also Activate or Deactivate DND in VI Sim through VI Official app which available in playstore and appstore.


Here i have posted full details of how to activate and deactivate dnd in vi sim, i hope this article helped you a lot. If you need any help related this post then feel free to drop your question in the comment section.

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