Free Fire Double Diamond Topup Trick to Get 100% Bonus – Fully Working

Double Diamond Topup Link: Hey free fire lover, today i have a good news for all of you, and you will be so happy after hearing this, now you will get double diamonds by paying same amount, it means 100% extra so today i am going to share full details of how to do double diamonds topup on free fire with link.

Free fire double diamond topup trick

ff double diamonds topup

Many of you might be seen in whatsapp or telegram group that they selling double diamonds at little extra cost from actual price, but they never told you from where and how they are able to providing you double diamonds.

Well this is very easy and simple method anyone can do that but most the player don’t know about it. And people who know it they never tell you because this is their business.

Why you should buy Diamond on Free Fire?

As you know free fire one of the most popular game in INDIA and others country as well because it is very enjoyable game, and if you buy some gun skins then it will be more fun as each skins have some ability which will make you a pro player.

Whatever, skills and skins both matter in this game, so to get skins color and outfut you have to spend diamond.

Buying some diamonds normally cost you 4000Rs for 5600 Diamond but if you use this trick then you will received 10,000 plus which means 100% extra. Isn’t it good? Lets see how-

A lots of free fire user searching in google about how to get double diamond in free fire and ‘ff double diamonds link’ thats why i am going to publish it.

Also most of my viewers ask me many times to post about this trick or offer so today i thought let’s share it with all of my free fire lovers. Now without anymore delay lets get started.

How to Get Double Diamond Topup on Free Fire

Before i share that trick or offer let me clear you one thing, this offer can be used only one time and for the first time buyer only so if you want to get this offer unlimited time then comment down below and i will post a secret trick.

Lets come to main point now

How to able ff double diamonds offer full details –

1. First of all you have to visit gameskharido official website

2. A popup will appear like screenshot below-


3. On the of the corner you will see a cut option just click on it.

4. Now you will see Free Fire logo just click it

5. Then it will ask you to choose login method

Double diamond login page

6. Select Player ID login and then enter your player ID

7. On the next page choose you favorite payment method upi or paytm

8. Then you will see all the offer like below –

Double diamonds offer list

9. Just select the amount of diamonds you wish to buy ( Recommend 5600)

10. Then pay the amount and done! 100% extra diamonds will be credited to your account instantly.

You will received 100% bonus diamond in your ff ID which mean you have successfully got double diamonds. Congratulations!

Note you can only able to get this offer for one time on your ID but soon i will post a trick which will help you to get this offer unlimited time.

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link or Site

So finally i have shared this trick but if you don’t know the link then what use of this post? So at the end of this post i am sharing the link of double diamond buying.

  • Visit This link
  • There will see the offer page
  • Cut it, and login with youur ID
  • Select payment option
  • Choose any amount and make payment.
  • You will received double diamond
  • That’s it!!

So here i have shared full details about how to get double diamonds in free fire and also added ff double diamond link.

Hope you like this post, if so then share it with your all free fire friends too and let them know about this offer. Also comment down below if you have any questions related this trick.

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