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Flipkart Carding Method of 2022 100% Working Trick

In this post i will tell you about Flipkart Carding method of 2022, which is 100% working trick. Here you will also learn all the details about it so let’s get started.

Flipkart Carding Method Trick

flipkart carding

Hello everybody, as you know nowadays Carding increasing day by day and there are many carder available online who do carding for self and resell products for money.

But there are many ripper as well who take your money by giving false hope like they will sell you iPhone 13 Pro Max at Rs.10000 only, which is  impossible. Also they may send you many FAKE proofs such as edited screenshot, Video, Order History etc but do not believe them. Many of you might be think it’s real. Once you will send money, the FAKE carder will block you from everywhere.

At the end you will lost your hard earned money as well as hope. So beware of ripper.

In these days many people want to become a carder but it’s not so easy to do carding as it is not a legal way or nor even safe.

It requires a lot of research, time and smart mind, if you have these all then you can try it but use your safety first.

Note : this flipkart carding method Only for the Education Purpose, we are not Responsible, if any wrong happens with you. Do carding on your own risk

So now In this article i will be sharing Flipkart Carding Method & Trick for all of you. As we all know flipkart is india’s largest shopping place where many high amount products available so here we are going to buy those items by spending less amount through this new trick.

Requerment for Flipkart Carding Method

First Some Basic Information need to Use SOCKS of Same Location Of CC. But as you know without a valid cc carding is not possible so you must have to get a cc with maximum balance.

Here is all the things you need for this tutorial

  • CC – Credit Card
  • Pro VPN or Shocks5
  • Fresh unlocked BIN
  • Firefox Browser
  • High speed broadband connection.
  • Mobile Device or PC

If you need cc, vpn or anything for this trick then you can contact me via whatsapp 8145125316, cc cost 4000Rs per card data.

You have to get these all the things in your hand and then you can start flipkart carding. This trick work in Mobile as well as PC so feel free to use this trick in any device you have.

What is Socks5

SOCKS is like a VPN which is change your IP to help you cash out cvv from any country.

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SOCKS are not enough to hide your IP and are used just for “cheat” the security system and make them believe that you are living in the cvv real holder area.

SOCKS can be trackable !So even if you will use SOCKS the VPN must still be used!Always activate your VPN before start carding.

Clean the browser history and then you are ready to go. Alwese apply SOCKS on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

SOCKS5 came in format IP: PORT or for example 23.498.33.910 :9500.In this example 23.498.33.910 is the IP and 9500 is the port. So next time,before you try to cash out cvv using online shopping you must remember to use SOCKS to make your IP appear in the same area as the address of the cvv holder.

To download Mozilla Firefox go to this link .

Latest flipkart carding method & with full guide

Remember to download all stuff used for carding in English.I know that seems more easy to have your computer set into your own language but is not recommended as cookies saved into your pc will allow the site you visited to have a look to your computer.

Lets say that you are a Romanian and your browsers and computer stuff is all in Romanian language. As this language is used only in Romania,who ever can look into your computer may know you are a Romanian citizen.

Also make sure that the date and time of your computer is set on format GMT+ or GMT- as the cvv real holder living area.This are small but important details to protect your self and to have success when you try to carding.

To change your IP using SOCKS all you have to do is to get a SOCKS provider.There are plenty of Auto-shops which sell SOCKS.I personal use but there are many other sites from where you can chose.

How to do carding on Flipkart

Once you have your cvv and the SOCKS located in same city or area with the cvv address you can start carding. At this moment you already must know what site you want to hit and have everything read to do this work.

Here is Steps to do carding on flipkart

  1. Just buy a cc with full details
  2. Connect shocks5 or use vpn
  3. Create a new flipkart account with same as cc details
  4. Then, search the product and add it to cart
  5. Now pay the amount using that cc and place the order
  6. That’s it. You have done

So its very easy as i mentioned above you have to do same which i provided here, ok so now lets i’ll teach you with more details just read continue

Steps-by-Step Guide of FlipKart Carding

Now let me explain you with complet details. If you don’t basic knowledge of carding then you might not understand in short description so i ll be sharing more details. Do read all process carefully.

  • First of all you need to a CC if you have then ok if not then first buy any cc via online
  • After that create an account in flipkart with same details as cc (The ip will be of cc owner and make sure your socks is connected)
  • Write some Positive Review about some Flipkart Products .
  • Select any product which hugh price like iPhone 6s 6s plus etc and Add Product ti Cart .
  • Now logout you account leave it for some hours
  • After some hours login your account and add CC details and Place Order.
  • Now wait some hours and then Cancel the order.
  • Don’t Forget to Review Positive For Flipkart Products.
  • Boom!! Within some hours the amount will be credited your Flipkart account
  • Now book anything with your flipkar account balance

If you are not able to card then you can buy carded product from us like phone, iphone, laptop, tv, pc and many more electronic product at upto 50& rate

and you can also buy live cc with high balance and flipkart, amazon bin matched cc which can easily bypass verified by visa verification as you know if you want to buy cc from online site then you can only buy with exchange of btc but many of peoples don’t have btc (bitcoin) so you can btc from us also or any carding things like shocks5, paid vpn or anything from us

Buy carded product from us

If you aware to loss money, or if you don’t have confidence on yourself so don’t worry. You can order products from us at low price.

  • Smartphone- 50% discount
  • Others electronic product- 50% discount
  • Laptop- 50% discount
  • High balance cc- 1500-2500Rs
  • HMA VPN Account- 500rs
  • Learn carding- 2500rs

So you can buy above item from us, but please note we take 50% advance if your order amount more than 20k and full payment if your order amount less than 20k so hurry up and contact us as fast as you can

Contact details

Finall Words:

So guys this was the Flipkart Carding Method. Here i writing full detail about Flipkar Carding guide so let’s start carding on flipkart but do it on your own risk we are not responsible if any wrong happens with you

If you have any question about this post, just leave a comment, we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Carding is a Crime so do it on your own risk. we are not carding on any site or not have responsible

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