Buy UC at Cheapest Price for PUBG Global Version

Are you looking for UC at cheap price? If so, then you are absolutely in right place. Here you can buy UC at cheapest price ever you seen in your life.

Buy uc at cheap price

Buy cheap uc

PUBG Mobile one of the best FPS Mobile Game ever and you can play with your friends and family with voice chat. This is the main reason to loved this game.

As you guys know there are many PUBG Mobile Players who opening create for each and every new Guns, Outfits, and items also. Some people like to buy popularity from his own UC. They all buy uc at cheap price and some of them use UC Carding method.

If you know carding method then you can also buy uc at more cheapest price but it’s risky for you because it’s cybercrime and you might be caught if you do not use security properly.

Buy UC at Cheap Price for All Over World:

I know you all here just because of you want UC at cheap price, and i am also here too to give you uc at lowest price so without delaying anymore time lets get started.

Please note: if you buy biggest UC pack such as 1,00000 to 10,00000 then you will get huge discount but, you will get 50% to 60% off for buying small packs such as 8100 to 50,000 so i recommended you to buy big pack for big discount.

Price List of PUBG MOBILE UC Pack at Cheap Price

  • 50,000 UC Pack – 200$
  • 1,00000 UC Pack – 350$
  • 2,00000 UC Pack – 600$
  • 3,00000 UC Pack – 930$
  • 5,00000 UC Pack – 1350$
  • 8,00000 UC Pack – 2000$
  • 10,00000 UC Pack – 2400$
  • 15,00000 UC Pack – 3500$

So here i have listed all pack details with price tag, if you need unique pack which i have not mentioned here then please let me know, i will tell you price.

These all packs available for global version. We accept BTC/ Skrill/ Bank Transfer / Wallets and others crypto currency as well as payment mode.

How to Buy UC at Cheapest Price

If you are OK with our price and have intrest to buy uc from us then read this post till end, i have shared everything in details.

First of all you have to contact us by using any of our contact details

Write us in whatsapp or mail that you want uc also mention how much you need.

You will get replay as soon as we seen your message.

Then we will tell you payment process and you have to pay the amount and wait for payment confirmation.

Once we received your payment then you have to send your id and password to load uc in your account.

If you buy small pack then don’t need id pass we will do it through video call. (sometimes id pass required if your device doesn’t work)

For big order time require upto 1 hour to 24 hour. Do not login during adding uc else we will get error.

Once we done from our backend then i will let you know with screenshot and now you can login your account.

That’s all guys, now if you have any questions please feel free to ask but do not ask how we add uc or anything.

Terms & Conditions

We request you please read our conditions before you contact us, if you ask anything which i already mentioned here then you will not get any reply from us.

  1. Please contact us only if you really want to buy and you have trust.
  2. Don’t contact us if you have trust issue.
  3. Do not ask us for demo or free UC (you will be blocked if you do so)
  4. UC will be added to your account only after payment confirmation.
  5. Don’t waste our time by asking same question so many times.
  6. Login details required in order to add UC in your account (otherwise price will be high)
  7. Payments via Bitcoin or Wallets or Bank Transfer.

So if you are OK with out T&C then you can DM us through mail id [email protected] or you can use above contact details

Remember: Sometimes it will take upto 24 hours to complete your order because we done each and every order line. So thats why we need upto 24 hour to complete your order.

Share and Earn UC

You can refer your friends or Family and you can earn UC or Money from us. Yes guys you heard it absolutely right. This offer is not limited it’s for everyone and anyone can invite their friend.

If you invite someone and he will buy UC Pack for 100k to 10,00000k then you can earn upto 8k UC to 100k UC or money 50 USD to 400 USD depen on pack he/she bought from us.

Final Words:

So here i have shared full details to buy uc at cheapest price, you can buy unlimited uc from us, you don’t need worry about security because this fully genuine way if you have any question regarding this topic then do comment below.

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